How To Lower Stress and Enjoy Your Life

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This is a contributory article written by Australian investor, former soldier, lifestyle designer, and two-time TEDX Speaker, Adrian Cahill. Having semi-retired at the age of 28, Adrian spends his time coaching small businesses and individuals on improving their performance, and runs a personal website about Personal Development.

Having spent eight years travelling across nearly 80 countries, its fair to say he is a pretty switched on guy.

Adrian is one of the most experienced Couch Surfers in this part of the world. Using Couch Surfing enabled him to basically live with local people everywhere he went giving valued insight to a multitude of lifestyles. Adrian’s passion is helping others and the following article is an example written by him exclusively for our readers.   You can find his personal website here.

  • Currently I’m one of the most experienced Couch Surfers in this part of the world.
  • I am known for English Teaching however I am not a English teacher.
  • I am a NLP Practitioner, Coach, Lifestyle Designer, Public speaker
  • I am financially, socially and independently free.


How to Lower Stress

Lets say you’re in a long line at a supermarket. The line isn’t moving and you are getting irritated and angry. If you can stop and really be present in the moment. You may realize it’s not the situation that is causing you to be angry. It is your mind and whatever your mind is telling you.

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The emotions, are your body’s reactions to your thoughts about the situation. It’s not the long line, it’s your thoughts. That’s a very important realization. Now an element of choice comes in. You see that it just makes your life unpleasant to be feeling those emotions. The unpleasant irritation and anger serve no good purpose. It doesn’t change the situation.

Taking Action Against Stress

Now you are aware, you have the choice, holding and building negative or letting go of those thoughts. Experiment. Take that time of realization to direct your thoughts to your awareness of having choice. See the situation as it is without those negative thoughts attached to it.

long line

How Can You Respond to Stress?

It is just a line. You have a lot of power and freedom to become free internally from external conditions. That includes other people and whatever they may do. When you realize that its ultimately your choice to react, they no longer have the power to determine your inner state of consciousness.

Thoughts lead to emotions and actions. Take control and relax, by choosing your thoughts wisely.

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