Where Are the Best Burgers in Shanghai?

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Let Me Begin With an Awful Story…

The Laya Burger (Xujiahui, Yishan Rd.)

The Following Post Has Been Inspired by An Imposter-Burger. Yes, that’s right. A would-be, could’ve-been-great burger, that was ruined in shame.

Leaving a late evening meeting with a consulting company in Xujiahui, I headed down the street. And  there in the distance caught my hungry, fat-kid soul. There it was – the glowing neon lights of a place called the Laya Burger. I read with my own glazed eyes.


I entered the place by the name that they call Laya and took a seat. I was alone and I didn’t know any better.

I Never Had a Choice

I diligently flipped through a crumb filled, trashy, yet homely menu of burgers, hangover survivor meals, omelette brunches, and thumbed through pages of hope. I dodged useless menu items like “tea”, “salads”, and “appetizers”.

I ordered the only drinkable drink on the menu, somewhere between a fuzzy navel and a Fruit Splash cocktail it read…

Free Cuba!

A Buffet of Lies

Which could only be described as another way of Cuba Libre or Chinese Anti-Freeze over Pepsi One.

And then, she appeared.

She was the One

“What is her Name?” I wondered.

Her name-tag almost turned itself towards me in ready-stance.

BEARING the name tag of justice and all Chain restaurant truths, my waitress was here.

Her name was “Edward”.


What I Thought I Ordered

She arrived with a stale half full glass if what-could-have been luke-warm bath water.

I forgivingly ordered my bacon hamburger quite reluctantly as I sipped on the blurred memories of the Bay of Pigs and false memories tracing back to casinos and the 1950’s.

TOM PETTY blasts in the background as the whole restaurant nears about a quarter full.

Stomachs scammed and music blasting, America.


Street signs pepper the walls in infamous Chinglish.

I detect buttered zucchini in what appears to be a pork stuffed burger that had been microwaved in sadness.

The taste of almost forgotten ketchup makes up for the Southern born rage inside of me as I nearly stage a standoff to have the place SHUT

What I Still Would Have Settled With

DOWN on my table is the remnants of a burger that could have been and the ice cubes of a drink that tasted of robutussin and neglect.

What I Actually Got (minus the cheese)


So Where Can You Get The Best Burgers in Shanghai?

Hands down the best burgers you will find in all of Shanghai.

Do you like giant juicy burgers that can only be contained by a 12” tooth pick? How about a burger with chili and a mouth watering fried egg on top? Whatever way you like your burgers, at New York Steak & Burger you can surely have it your way.

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New York Style Steak & Burger in Tianzifang

Location No. 22, Lane 155 Jianguo Xi Lu (建国西路155弄22号)

An All American Burger Joint with Class…And Mass…

Where Can You Learn More About Shanghai China and Living Abroad?

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