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How to Get Interviewed on TV Abroad + My Two Interviews in Russia

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Interviews are a great way to maximize your trip's exposure and to connect oneself with the local culture. By experiencing unique interviews, you can develop a long lasting impression of a journey and it's own affect it holds on you. Click here to learn how I got interviewed across the Russian Federation.

How to Celebrate a Russian New Years Party

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How Can You Celebrate a Russian New Years? What Are the Traditions, the History, Movies and Music? Click here to learn more about Russian styled New Years Festivities, and С Новым Годом!

How to Backpack Across South and North Vietnam

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Where should you go in Vietnam? What is it like to backpack across North and South Vietnam? CLick here to learn more about one expat's tale across this South East Asian nation.

13 Epic Things You Should Do in Puerto Rico

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What Can You Do in Puerto Rico? What Are the 13 Things You Must Do on Any Trip to this beloved Caribbean nation? Click here to learn more about Caribbean travel activities, vacation stays and amazing sights along the island.

3 Simple Ways to Prepare For a Trip to Russia

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What Are 3 Simple Steps To Prepare For A Trip to Russia? If you're thinking about traveling, studying, or working in Russia, don't miss out on this article. Click here to learn more.

3 Ways to Teach a Chinese Kid English

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How Can You Teach a Chinese Kid English? What If A Chinese Kid Could Teach You a Thing or Do? Click Here To Read More about How English Teaching in China Changed Me.

How to Generate Sales on Craigslist

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How Can You Increase Sales on Craigslist? In this article I explore several useful methods that are proven to help you sell your goods online. Click here to learn more about online sales and marketing techniques.

Why Starbucks’ New Business Strategy Will Conquer China

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SHANGHAI, CHINA - Two weeks ago, construction began on a dormant property sitting along a busy intersection outside my home. From what has been an empty or vacant lot began to bustle and boom with the noise of const...

Where Are the Best Burgers in Shanghai?

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Where Are the Best Burgers in Shanghai? Click here to get the run down on the best and worst of Shanghai American styled hamburgers.

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