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How Can You Get a Visa to China?

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Interested in going to China? This article explains the basics of how to do it - be it travel, work, study, or intern based visa requirements. A How-To Guide with proven results to get you in China fast!

Weird Things I’ve Seen Across the World

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What are some of the stranger things you've seen while traveling? Click here to see a few brief examples of strange things across the Former Soviet Union and China.

Why Rosetta Stone Sucks

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Rosetta Stone - The Key to Language Learning, or a Sham? Read on to discover my review of Rosetta Stone's Russian language.

How to Get a Job in Russia

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Check out Bill Mayfield's exciting book, "How To Get a Job in Russia: A Practical Guide for English Speakers."

How to Downsize for Travel

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Why we can live better and happier - with less. And how you can prepare any future travels with the necessities in mind.

Find Work in Russia

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In this article, I'll layout a general strategy to help you market yourself and find jobs fast across Moscow.

Why I’m Moving to Shanghai

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Ever considered working abroad in China? Read about my journey to work in China, for international work experience, and finding China jobs.

Teach English Abroad

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Why Teach English? English is of course one of the most prevalent language recognized across the world in business, services, travel, and media. The demand for Native English speakers to teach has never been higher. ...

Meet The Guy Who Quit His 9-5 and Backpacked South America for Six Months

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Meet the Expat who quit his 9-5 job in Texas, hired a professional videographer, and embarked on a year long journey backpacking through Latin America.

How My American Friend Got an Internship in Asia

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Meet Shahbano, the VCU student currently living life, and studying across the world. Inspired by her experiences abroad, this interview shares a few highlights of her experience as an American Expat in China.

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