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Chile is a prime location for travel, study, and probably any soul searching opportunity you could imagine. The environment in this Spanish speaking country offers much for not only students, but for travelers who wish to see a unique side of Latin America. From Easter Island, to the night life of Santiago, Chile offers all sorts of unique experiences from sight seeing cruises, to horseback riding. Ever considered kayaking in the Torres del Paine, National Park? The beauty of Chile is backed by it’s booming tourism industry, and a host of opportunities.


Study in Chile . . .

There’s dozens of schools out there on the net that both allow you to enroll in your study abroad program, while receiving college credit. For people out there interested in subjects other than Spanish, you can even study renewable energy and receive credits for your work. Don’t forget to check out opportunities in Santiago, and Valparaíso.

Study in Chile

Intern in Chile . . .

There’s a host of internship opportunities options you can find across Chile. Some may be found Engineering, Business Marketing, Law, Architecture, and even Wine Tasting & Tourism. Some programs out there will cater to the langauge-focused  students out there who may want to intern in translation, protecting wildlife, and even NGO’s for preserving Chilean culture like poetry and literature. No matter the degree, there are many programs offered for students studying and interning in Chile.

Intern Abroad – Wine Tasting Tours

Work in Chile . . .

Now there are a few options for working in Chile. Of course you can teach english and study Spanish in local schools, or even find through expat directories which help to recruit foreign nationals for specific specialities. Even some volunteer paths may spare your some costs regarding accomodation or lessons (depending on how your structure your programs), you may line yourself up for working in U.S. companies.


Volunteer in Chile . . .

Some students and expats may find their calling for helping others. Whether you’d like to help children in hospitals, or volunteer in the education industry, there are some specific volunteer projects out there. If mental health and personal livelihood is of interest to you, you can help others in the capital of Santiago. Other volunteer opportunities may be more beneficial towards your studies, as some can offer dozens of language hours each week in exchange for intensive level Spanish courses. And on the weekends you could even go whale watching.


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