How Can You Find Cheap Airfare?

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KIEV, UKRAINE – Last winter while living on the far Eastern side of Kiev, I was frantically searching for flights home to the USA for Christmas. On a budget, and looking for great flight deals, I devised a plan to save myself hundreds of dollars. Instead of flying from Ukraine to the US, I’d divide the trip by touching down in England for a few days. It only cost me $80 to cross all of Europe. By doing this, I saved myself time and money, not to mention the stress of holiday season.

Searching for flights can be a tedious process, especially with the high rates and evasive deals. Let’s face it – your time is more valuable than spending hours trying to find the best deals. I will show you how you can book your flights cheaply and save more money on your travels abroad.

When Are the Best Times To Book?

Studies mentioned by the NY Times suggest that the cheapest international flights can be booked 3-5 months ahead of time. Domestic flights may be a bit harder, and often vary by region. It’s best to start your search several months ahead, and check to see the price changes each week. Some say that doing this for six weeks at a time may provide you greater chances at nabbing better deals. But of course, not everyone books tickets so early. So what else can you do?

When Should You Buy the Tickets?

Some studies show that the best time to buy airline tickets is generally in the afternoon on Tuesdays (US-EAST). Usually, these deals can be pulled on Thursday, leaving you with pricier (marked up) options until the next week. Waking early and checking the best online sites can be a good habit to gain an understanding of price fluctuations and what you may expect for getting where you need to go.

What Is the Cheapest Day? 

It is said that Wednesdays can often have some of the best deals, with Tuesday and Saturday coming close as well. Friday and Saturday usually are packed with other flyers due to their work schedules. I can say from personal experiences, when you book at later times, such as Thursdays and Fridays, some of these deals can seem to outright disappear momentarily. Higher prices may come along peak hours of internet searches. Busy with many users seeking quick and convenient flights for business or their travels, you will notice it’s best to avoid these days.

What Are Your Other Options?

To make flights even cheaper, you can piece together your flights by hand. This is one method that can save you more money. I mentioned I used this method to save myself hundreds of dollars during holiday season. You have the choice to avoid round trip tickets, and instead get two one-way tickets individually. Focusing on irregular times – like early morning, can save you big. For example – it will be more costly to fly during the most convenient time – perhaps 10am, than in the middle of the night at 11pm.

When you purchase your tickets, shop as if you were from another country. Think of it this way – if you’re English and you need a flight from London to Shanghai, your best bet is to search for prices in China, not England, as these prices are from your market. Online booking engines usually give higher prices.

What Are the Best Sites for Booking Your Flights?

Kayak is one of the best metasearch sites out there. Many swear by Kayak, and I highly suggest it as well. It was founded in 2004 by the Cofounders of Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz.

After being acquired by Priceline, it remains to be one of the greatest platforms for flight searching. In 2009, it was awarded by the Times as one of the top 50 best travel sites. Surely take a look for yourself!

With Skyscanner, you can maximize your search by using a combined approach to scan price comparisons and get better deals. It operates with dozens of airlines, allowing you to regionally, narrow down the best price for the places you wish to go.

How It Works

Skyscanner is basically a search engine for passenger flights which makes it easier for users to narrow down their searches by prices and location. It utilizes numerous tools on it’s site such as flight price comparisons, graphs, and particular data regarding routes over monthly periods, or even weekend prices leaving specific cities.

Skyscanner does not sell flights directly; rather it operates in such a way where you can find the cheapest deals for your flights through your desired routes. Once you’ve found your route, it automatically transfers you through travel and airline suppliers’ sites so that you can book your flight directly

Multilingual Functionality

The site operates among 30+ languages, from English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and – you get it.

Another important part of Skyscanner that sets it apart from other flight searches is that it features news from the flight and travel industries quite regularly. In addition to travel tips it offers for its consumers.

Stay Subscribed to Online Notifications

Keep paying close attention to the changes in prices and new deals as they are announced to your e-mail. I use a special folder in my Gmail so that every time I receive e-mail updates, travel alerts, travel tips, or even new deals I can store them away for later. By organizing these deals, you can keep account of them for a later time.

What Are The Benefits of Online Notifications?

Not only can you get greater travel deals, but you can gain miles on particular airlines through deals each time you book a new flight, hotel, or other travel related expense. By racking up your miles, you can qualify yourself for future flight rewards, discounted airlines, or even first class seating. Quite simply, stay subscribed and keep a close watch.

Where Can You Learn More About Going Abroad?

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  • Thanks for the advice! wish i used it earlier though! what do you mean when you say pretend youre from another country? how can i buy from china if i’m in england?

  • Excellent up-to-date advice. Kayak and Skyscanner flight alerts are incredibly helpful.

    I also found pretty helpful too, surprisingly.

    Being able to save on flights makes travel that much easier and affordable, and it’s awesome that a few tips combined with a little creative effort can actually save lots of money! Thanks for the very well written article :)