How to Generate Sales on Craigslist

How To Sell Anything on Craigslist

In this Article You Will Learn

        • How Can You Generate Money from Online Posts?
        • What Should Your Write In a Craigslist Post to Entice Readers?
        • How to Downsize Your Possessions Before Any Trip Abroad
        • What are Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Scams and Fake Buyers?
        • And Much More…

How Can You Generate Money from Online Posts?

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA РIt was an early March morning back in my college days, and I dazed across the backlit screen of my MacBook as I checked my morning mail. Between sips of coffee I saw what I had been waiting for nearly a month now.

The Acceptance Letter

I was fully accepted into a seven month double internship plan covering journalism and translation across two Russian cities. I did what I promised I would do – I quit my job bussing tables at a local restaurant. I would dedicate my remaining time preparation for my next journey abroad.


Upon quitting my job, my plan was to prepare myself for a seven month trip abroad, beginning with questions like – What would I need to bring? What would I leave behind? How can I turn all of my extra baggage into a Win-Win deal? I sold everything I owned. The list includes:

            • Rosetta Stone Russian (Software)
            • Musical Equipment and Instruments
            • Handheld video/photo Cameras and Software
            • All Furniture of my apartment

How to Create a Craigslist Ad in 10 Steps

A Simplified Guide to Generating Business Leads Online

1. Choose the Area and City You Will Provide Your Goods or Service

2. Select The Category Your Good or Service Falls Under; if you’re selling old music equipment, you would choose “musical instruments”, if you are offering a car, you would choose “Cars & Automobiles”

3. Incite Emotion with a Catchy Headline. Experiment With Questions to Generate Interest. Example: “Looking for a Special Gift this Holiday Season? Guitar For Sale!”

4. Write the body of your ad – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be straight to the point. Let the potential clients/buyers know about your services, product, or skills. Look at similar ads to see how others have pitched theirs.
5. Place your text (copy body) into the designated space and include photos or additional information if you need. Place a link to your personal site, or a phone number.
6. Enter the CAPTCHA code on the code box.
7. Agree to Craigslist’s Terms of Service
8. Double Check Your E-mail Address. You will receive a notification email where you can approve, edit, delete, and post your ad.
9. Go to your e-mail inbox to receive the Craigslist ad notification.
10. Select “Publish” to post your ad online.

TIP: Your ads will be far more successful and generate more interest if you include clear, quality photos. 

Sit back patiently and let the leads come in. I experimented with this as I was preparing to graduate college and clean out my apartment. By posting numerous ads for various goods (Rosetta Stone Cd’s, Guitars, Video Cameras, Photoshop, etc.) under their respected categories, I was able to generate considerable cash within just a few weeks. Not to mention the convenience sense of peace and “decluttering” that it brings.

What Should Your Write In a Craigslist Post to Entice Readers?

            • Create a catchy title
            • Create a sense of value
            • Generate emotion with the reader
            • Name a price (But being open to negotiations or the best offer is still OK)

By making your headline stand out, you can grab more readers’ attention. Instead of writing a bland “$100” priceline, some say using the number “7” is actually proven to increase readers’ attention and click rates.

What are Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Scams and Fake Buyers?

Be wary of shady responses asking for bank numbers or offering Paypal payments. When selling a keyboard years ago, a man sent me a check for $1,750 for a product I was selling for $250. The check was fake, and he signed it with two first names.

Cream Rule

In scams like this, a close friend explained, “The check will bounce, and you will lose money from potential charges from the bank”. Sometimes it’s better to play it safe. I personally preferred using the rule of CREAM. Accepting ONLY cash is a safer bet than checks and Paypal. In other foreign countries, some people may prefer wiring funds through other networks like UnionPay and other online payments. You can be the best judge, but most of the time cash is both safe and convenient when it comes to thwarting fraud.

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