How to Get Your US Passport

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In This Article You Will Learn:

  • How To Obtain a US Passport?
  • What Are the Forms of Documentation You Need for a US Passport?
  • What Are the Costs of a US Passport and it’s application materials?
  • Where Can You Learn More About Going Abroad?

1. Go to Your Local Post Office

Find and Fill out Form DS-11, also known as ‘Application for US Passport. This form may fill out by hand or electronically on the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website. Both the paper and the forms are available online at

2. Show Evidence of Citizenship

To show evidence that you’re a citizenship, you can present the following with you to the post office.

  • Your Old US Passport that is both undamaged and legible.
  • Your Birth Certificate by your city, state, or country,
  • Your birth certificate must have  a validated seal, with a registered signature.

3. Use the Proper Forms of IDget-a-passport

To show the accepted forms of ID, you may use the following accepted forms of ID:

  • Your previously issued passport as an ID.
  • A form designating you as a naturalized citizen.
  • A drivers license issued by a U.S. state.
  • Government ID card

4. Copy Your ID

Make a copy of your ID, both front and back. Print it out and present it to the office.

5.Get Passport Photos taken.

You can get passport photos taken for cheap. Note that some of these photo guidelines can be strict, so no fake mustaches or clown wigs are allowed here. You can take the photos yourself, or use a professional service. Some services include:

  • CVS/Walgreens allows passport photo services for less than $10 at all of their locations.
  • Many post offices offer to take passport photos, and the charges are not costly.

Submit Your Application for a US Passport (Form DS-11), documentation of citizenship, proper ID, copies of your ID, and your passport photo to the Post Office, Passport Agency, or other accepted faciliites.

6. Pay the Passport Application Fee

If you’ve previously had a US passport, or if you’re a newly naturalized citizen, costs may vary. The costs are listed on the Department’s website. But for average adults, renewing a passport will run you about $135.

7. Now You Have Your Passport

Now that you have your US Passport you can finalize the last remaining steps for your trip. Getting your luggage together and your flight itinerary in order – you should be well on your way for your travels abroad.

Where Can You Learn More About Going Abroad?

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