9 Ways to Accomplish Your Goals Effectively

Keep it SMART

Specific,Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Based

Setting a SMART goal is a great practice – thesse goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time based. A breakdown of how these goals can be uniquely executed follows.

Studies show that by focusing on any more than 5+ tasks at any given time is a recipe for failure. A long list of objectives with additional bullet points may seem tempting, but can mislead and contribute to a loss of your attention.

Focus on a handful of small objectives at a time – perhaps, recite to yourself these objectives from memory. By separating your work and personal objectives, you can help free yourself of the criss-cross confusion of designating the priorities in your work and daily life.

Set a Daily Plan

By waking up early each morning you can help create a daily checklist of things to accomplish, so that you can feel more in control of your life and everyday objectives – by putting the most necessary tasks at the top. Keep note of what you do throughout your day to minimize the problems of time management and your daily commute.

Prioritize Your Objective

Dedicate a set amount of time to each task. Be wary of any spending any amount of time on unrelated tasks so that you can maximize the time you set to getting the right things done on time. Focus on what is most important.

Delegate Tasks Accordingly

Why bother spending time doing something that could be done faster, easier, or more importantly, by someone else?

Finding others who can provide the services you need can save your time, and surely speed up the process of getting your goals accomplished.

Suggestion: For a variety of work related tasks, some websites out there like fiverr.com can help you accomplish a variety of jobs in a short manner, for only $5. How strongly you value your own time may help you in finding others to delegate the right assignments to.

Eat That Daily Frog

Everyday, there is at least one task you must do that you know you do not want to. This is your daily frog, and you must eat it. Get it done, get it out of the way. By dedicating at least ten minutes per day to such jobs, you can get it moving along and closer towards the finish line.

Accomplishment by Action – Measurable, Attainable

Have an idea? Write it down. Implement it. Create a specific and measurable course of action that it can be followed through. Each of your actions should bring you closer to your goals – achieve, finalize, complete, etc. are all key words that can move your projects further.

By setting a 90 day plan in your work or personal life, you can create an accurate and accountable system of tracking your progress and overall success. You cannot manage what you fail to measure. Don’t overwork yourself with projects and goals that fall out of the scope of reality and your abilities in daily life – as debatable as some of them may be, in time you can focus on achieving more realistic milestones without stretching yourself too thin.

Time-based Goals

Scenario – It’s July 1st and you know you’re rent is due within a few weeks – have you prepared? Have you allocated the proper funds aside, or have you completely forgot of your obligation? Perhaps setting money aside two months ago would have been a smarter idea than the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening happy hours after work with your friends.

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, no matter how near or far into the future it may be.

Assess How You Spend Your Time

By keeping track of the amount of time you spend on a three day period, you can better determine how you’re spending your time. Have you achieved X % of your work load? Have you spent 60-90 minutes browsing the web and using facebook?

Could your daily commute by metro or city bus be an ideal time for that 10-15 minutes you could spend on getting further along on that new eBook you purchased?

Could you use that 60-80 minutes after work to dedicate towards healthy living and exercising? Perhaps you could even cook a few times per week to add some variety to your diet?

More time is always better – and more time to spend with friends and family is that much better.

Set the Priority

Accomplish the Object

What is the most important task you face? Set this at the top of your list, your second and  next most important objective should follow – and so on and so forth.

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