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Trevor’s Review of Bill Mayfield’s How To Get a Job in Russia

Bill Mayfield headed to Russia in the mid-nineties after a study abroad. Upon graduation, he found himself unemployed, and took a plane straight to Moscow. In the years since, Bill has worked across the entire Russian Federation, Former Soviet Union, and numerous European capitals as a journalist, and then as a banker… And he did this all while having fun.

Why Russia?

Russia’s transition to a market based economy has seen unprecedented growth in our lifetime. Expats with Western Degrees and Native English speaking proficiency can easily rise up the managerial positions and various job opportunities (more about that below) across Russia. Expats in Moscow enjoy some of the highest salaries in the Expat community… especially with a favorable tax rate of only 13%! Additionally, foreigners working in Russia are susceptible to fast career advancement – with 82% of them earning more than they would have in their home country. International work experience has never been more attractive.

For some, studying abroad is too expensive.

What if there was another way

Bill’s book from start to finish maps out a variety of options for interning and working in Russia for both short or long term needs. The content is rich for a few reasons – it not only outlines a few different industries others can look to find work regarding finance, journalism, advertising, or teaching, but it also provides names, addresses, and contact information of those within the companies and agencies that are involved in hiring processes.

Bill explains in great detail:

  • How to Find Jobs in: Journalism, PR, Investor Relations, Editing, Banking, Teaching English and Basic Internships
  • How to Prepare a Resume that will target Job Recruits and those who may Hire You in Russia
  • Job Interview Preparation, Flight, Visa, and Housing Advice
  • Work Permits and Work Visas, and What It’s Like Working in Russia
  • How to Create Your Own Business in Russia


 Why You Should Buy This Book

I’ve worked, studied, and interned in Russia and the FSU, and coming from my experiences I really wish I had a book like this going into the journey – it would have helped smooth the transition of my experience greatly.

Even as I plan another return to Russia for work, Bill’s book has helped me map out my options for getting my foot in the door while building professional and diverse contacts in the Russian capital. I have purchased this book, and coming in at nearly 500 pages, it’s full of information for anyone looking for work in Russia.

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Score: A+


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