How My American Friend Got an Internship in Asia

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 Shahbano Farid is a student of Virginia Commonwealth University studying Business Marketing and French. We crossed paths as students at our university through college fraternities. Currently in Hong Kong, China, Shahbano is pursuing a study abroad in one of the business world’s most famed cities. Attached to this Expat Interview are a few language and study resources for others who seek to learn more of other opportunities abroad.


Tell us a little bit about your experience in Hong Kong? Do you have any long term goals or plans for this vibrant city?

I am a salesperson at Nordstrom and currently was asked to participate in the summer internship, but would love a job in marketing, or branding in the future. Something along the lines of retail consulting or even B2B sales would appeal to me. I like every aspect of marketing so I’m sure I will hop around within the field and eventually move up in a company.

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What are your thoughts so far along your time in the People’s Republic?

I am so lucky and fortunate to have an opportunity to see the world while studying in school. I have not enjoyed any experience as much as I have already enjoyed my time spent in Hong Kong.

Where else have you traveled to? What else do you have in store for your journey?

I am currently studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. So far I have traveled to Macau and Taiwan and just booked my ticket to Malaysia. I also plan on traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, and Beijing while studying in HK.

I applied in July and got accepted in early October. I got to HK on January 8th and it was the biggest culture shock I have endured. Being around the world without any friends with you, or any one you know for that matter, is a really difficult and scary thing. I embraced this experience with an open mind and didn’t know what to expect. So far I have only found myself enjoying my time here, and have only been homesick once. I can see myself living in Hong Kong when I am older, or at least for sometime in my lifetime.

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