How to Dodge The Economic Meltdown by Teaching English

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Curious about finding ways to work and travel abroad? What if you could find the silver bullet to travel - one that fed you, housed you, and provided you with a wealth of experiences unlike anything else? Click here to read more.

The Most Valuable Things I Learned From College

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College is not just a land where students crush stacks of pizza boxes and speak fluent Jaegar, it is a true form of art. It gives an individual a few years to find out what they want to do in life.

How Can You Get a Visa to China?

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Interested in going to China? This article explains the basics of how to do it - be it travel, work, study, or intern based visa requirements. A How-To Guide with proven results to get you in China fast!

Weird Things I’ve Seen Across the World

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What are some of the stranger things you've seen while traveling? Click here to see a few brief examples of strange things across the Former Soviet Union and China.

The Former Soviet Union in HD Video

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Ever wanted to see HD footage of the Former USSR? Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine. Click here to see more.

Why Rosetta Stone Sucks

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Rosetta Stone - The Key to Language Learning, or a Sham? Read on to discover my review of Rosetta Stone's Russian language.

How to Get a Job in Russia

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Check out Bill Mayfield's exciting book, "How To Get a Job in Russia: A Practical Guide for English Speakers."

How to Downsize for Travel

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Why we can live better and happier - with less. And how you can prepare any future travels with the necessities in mind.

Find Work in Russia

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In this article, I'll layout a general strategy to help you market yourself and find jobs fast across Moscow.

Why I’m Moving to Shanghai

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Ever considered working abroad in China? Read about my journey to work in China, for international work experience, and finding China jobs.

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