Teach English Abroad

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Why Teach English? English is of course one of the most prevalent language recognized across the world in business, services, travel, and media. The demand for Native English speakers to teach has never been higher. ...

Meet The Guy Who Quit His 9-5 and Backpacked South America for Six Months

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Meet the Expat who quit his 9-5 job in Texas, hired a professional videographer, and embarked on a year long journey backpacking through Latin America.

How My American Friend Got an Internship in Asia

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Meet Shahbano, the VCU student currently living life, and studying across the world. Inspired by her experiences abroad, this interview shares a few highlights of her experience as an American Expat in China.

Badass Outdoor Internships Abroad

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Intern at a surfing school on the tropical beaches of Bali. Study Portuguese, and assist with the conservation efforts of orangutans in Sumatra. Not your style? Why not rock climbing off the islands of Thailand, or pursue an underwater filming internship in Southeast Asia?

12 Things I Learned in Post Soviet Russia

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12 Things I learned while Living in Moscow

Hardcore Abroad – Hard Core Music Hits Moscow

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Interested in learning about the Hardcore Scene in Russia? Meet Alex from Boston, a US Expat who ventured into Moscow and found a new home amidst American hardcore in Russia.

20 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

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So you're considering a foreign language - maybe you were inspired by a friend who learned to speak Italian with some impeccable style, or a native from France whose accent intrigued you. For whatever reason you are i...

How To Work, Intern, Volunteer and Travel in Chile

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  Overview Chile is a prime location for travel, study, and probably any soul searching opportunity you could imagine. The environment in this Spanish speaking country offers much for not only students, but for...

Wine Tasting Abroad

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Preface  "Our host proposed a toast that we were beginning to know very well—the toast to peace among the peoples of the world. It is odd that there was rarely a little personal toast. These toasts were usually to l...

Diaries of Georgia

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YOUNG WITHOUT RUST SILVER RIDER AND SKIN OF GRAPES. Georgia - thousands of years old in culture and religion. In the third century, a group of fourteen Assyrian missionaries brought with them Christianity. The country...

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