13 Epic Things You Should Do in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is an amazing island that boasts nearly 300 miles of coastline and has been ranked amongst Top 10 beaches from the Travel Channel. Most notably, Flamenco Beach has been hailed as one of the most beautiful and enjoyable beaches in the world. History buffs may embrace the old world charms of the San Juan City, which holds the El Morro Fortress, a 16 Century fortress established by the Spanish.

Puerto Rico is filled with world-class attractions that will turn any trip into a 5-star vacation story.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.54.43 PM1. Practice Your Spanish in Puerto Rico?

The Spanish of Puerto Rico is said to have steadily evolved into variations and deviations that differentiate itself quite a bit from Spanish spoken on the Latin American continent and elsewhere. Most of Spanish-speaking influence comes from the profound impact of the Spanish spoken in the present-day Canary Islands. Holding it’s own unique and indigenous vocab, the Puerto Rican Spanish also includes influences of Taino words among it’s musical and food-based vocabulary as a testament to it’s evolved island culture.

Enjoy the warm waters and fresh drinks of Puerto Rico, where bioluminescent bays await you…

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2. Journey into the Camuy Caverns

For some more adventurous, a simple horse back ride along the coastline or diving into the Camuy caverns may provide the experiences you’ve been longing for. The caverns are notorious for their impressive depth and absolute sense of wonder. Amongst the Camuy River and their caverns, one can find over 200 separate caves; some large enough to make skyscrapers their breakfast. A playground to spelunkers, and a unmistakable stop along your next trip to Puerto Rico.

3. Visit the Casa Bacardi Distillery

Puerto Rican Music and Salsa

Any Rum aficionado may appreciate a great tour of what is called the “Cathedral of Rum”–hailing from the Caribbean heart. In a unique demonstration of the full fermentation process, distillation and bottling, the tour ends with a taste test of rum souvenir area for any thirsty traveler. For quenching ones thirst or satisfying one’s ear for the lovely Caribbean music, the sounds of Puerto Rico will take you to a whole bother place.

4. Experience a True Puerto Rican Cigar

A journey to the Caribbean is in itself a special moment to celebrated, so why not embrace the time with a nice hand rolled Puerto Rican cigar? Known for their smooth but strong nature, the tradition of Puerto Rican tobacco leaves are as old as the “New World” itself. So as you’re enjoying a dip into the fresh warm water, or an epic jet ski through the coasts of Old San Juan, take a moment to light up a precious memento of an experience you may not ever forget.

You Can Find Cigars at the Old Cigar House on 257 Fortaleza St, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

5. Salsa Dance at the Villa Harencia in Old San Juan

Puerto Rican music has evolved from a heterogeneous mix from diverse cultures spanning from Spanish, West African, and even European influences. Today, much US music influences the area as well and contemporary Puerto Rican music embodies a blend of genres from indigenous ones like bomba and reggaeton.  Puerto Rican music itself is hard to place in any particular category, but the island welcomes the salsa or the boleros like music one may find across the island… The music culture in Puerto Rico has enriched the island and it’s inhabitants throughout it’s colorful and changing history.

6. Run in the World’s Best 10K

The World’s Best 10k is held annually in San Juan, has been ranked among the 20 most competitive races globally.

Originally, the race began over the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge in 1998, intended to celebrate the bridge’s fourth anniversary. Yet it’s popularity along the bridge and coastal waters became more popular, and became much more special to this caribbean island. The close nature of cooperation between businesses large and small, international, government, community, media and the sports community have made it a global event that is held each year. It is one of the world’s most important sporting events on the island.

What’s Stopping You From Taking the First Step?

7. Dip Into the Mosquito Bay

Bioilluminescence in Light and Life

South of Vieques beach lies a beach spot unlike any other in Puerto Rico. Imagine the bioluminescent waters like in Life of Pi, but in real life. Yes, apparently 700,000 microorganisms are said to exist within each gallon of water off of one of Puerto Rico’s most beloved night spots.

While in the day time, the Mosquito Bay is your average Caribbean beach spot – full of tourists, couples, and the like. But at night, both the skye and waters glow a deep blue and light green hue in a mix-match of plant, plant-animal, and micro organic mixture of light and life. Why not let a one-of-a-kind beach experience highlight your next journey abroad?

Travelers are bewildered by the amount of light and visibility these tiny little sea-fellows are said to provide from beneath the waters. Though many recommend to avoid the bay during full moons, as the creatures shy away from moonlight. You can check with local travel agencies and Mosquito Bay travel agencies themselves to find the best tours with updated info on lunar cycles and prices.

8. Kayak The Bay By Day in the Cayo Icacos

Clear Waters and Clear Skies Will Clear Your Mind

As you may have noticed, many exciting opportunities and risky and fun adventures into the wild of this Caribbean island may await you. But the fun doesn’t stop here, in fact it only begins when you look into exciting areas such as the Cayo Icacos – a site of some of the most amazing snorkeling hotspots in the world. 

The Cayo Icacos welcome you along immediately as you leave the soft white sanded beaches and head into the shining diamond like clear water surfaces of the bay. The Icacos are one of many strings of cays which form the Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve. In this area, many island hoppers can get acquainted with one another even while clad in their gear.

Some will share their diving tips and strategies and help you prepare for free diving. The coral reefs are scattered throughout dozens of amazing formations populated by a rainbow list of colored fish that greet you along the way. The underwater world awaits any epic trip to Puerto Rico, even with the eco guides.

9. Scuba Dive Deep Into The Wild

Get an Up Close Feel for the Wildlife

No farther than just an hour outside of the Icacos, one can set themselves along the historic sea lanes of the pirates. Seriously, in the same area one witnessed the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, one can journey into the island chains of Isla de Palominitos, which is surrounded by coral reefs and precious, soothing, turquoise waters. The view back home is a lovely one as well, but for your time outside the mainland, you can get yourself a tour guide that can help share with you the intertwined Caribbean history of the islands, the historic sea reserves and all of its surrounding scenery.

10. Ride “La Bestia” (The Beast)

For the more daring and adventurous, atop the world’s second largest (and longest) zip line, the Beast will take you through the forests of the Torro Verde park.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oIS3FKGKt8[/youtube]

11. Have A Beach Party on Gilligans Island

In Puerto Rico, you can visit the deserted island near Guanica, along a sparkling white sand beach that can easily be reached by ferry. It boasts clear and shallow waters that invite any would-be snorkeler or beach-goer to dive right in. Even though many tourist and beach spots may be crowded in the peak seasons, you can be assured that Gilligans Island is Gilligans Island; it is still quite a remote location as to allow for yourself, a loved one, or perhaps even your friends some time to yourself.

It’s an ideal location for families, friends, and couples to set up shop here for a day. Don’t’ forget to bring your turn tables.


12. Explore the El Yunque Rainforest

Visit the only rainforest under US national park service, El Yunque, and climb to the clouds.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMPt8Cvq254[/youtube]

13. Take a Deep Breath and … Relax

Puerto Rican delicacies provide some of the richest – and tastiest – of the Caribbiean. Don’t forget to try some of the amazing drinks, caribbean rum and spirits.Puerto Rico is filled with world-class attractions that could make any trip a 5-star vacation story. Whether you want to horse back ride down the beaches with someone special or sing and dance to the flamenco music.

Why Should You Visit Puerto Rico?

Traveling to Puerto Rico is Easy!

Puerto Rico his highly convenience and accessible for foreigners. It holds a visa-free regime that allows for the happy go luck in & out travel of any travel lover. You can use your US passport and US dollars across the island. All you have to do is just hop on a plane and go!

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