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Why Rosetta Stone Sucks

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Rosetta Stone - The Key to Language Learning, or a Sham? Read on to discover my review of Rosetta Stone's Russian language.

How to Get a Job in Russia

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Check out Bill Mayfield's exciting book, "How To Get a Job in Russia: A Practical Guide for English Speakers."

Meet The Guy Who Quit His 9-5 and Backpacked South America for Six Months

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Meet the Expat who quit his 9-5 job in Texas, hired a professional videographer, and embarked on a year long journey backpacking through Latin America.

How My American Friend Got an Internship in Asia

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Meet Shahbano, the VCU student currently living life, and studying across the world. Inspired by her experiences abroad, this interview shares a few highlights of her experience as an American Expat in China.

How To Work, Intern, Volunteer and Travel in Chile

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  Overview Chile is a prime location for travel, study, and probably any soul searching opportunity you could imagine. The environment in this Spanish speaking country offers much for not only students, but for...

Wine Tasting Abroad

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Preface  "Our host proposed a toast that we were beginning to know very well—the toast to peace among the peoples of the world. It is odd that there was rarely a little personal toast. These toasts were usually to l...

Diaries of Georgia

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YOUNG WITHOUT RUST SILVER RIDER AND SKIN OF GRAPES. Georgia - thousands of years old in culture and religion. In the third century, a group of fourteen Assyrian missionaries brought with them Christianity. The country...