Meet The Guy Who Quit His 9-5 and Backpacked South America for Six Months


Meet Russ Garcis, owner of TheWorldOnMyBack. Russ hails from Texas, where graduated with a degree in Marketing & Latin American Business. Russ decided to quit his sales job and hired a professional videographer to follow him as he backpacked, studied, and traveled  across Latin America to pursue his dream. He has been interviewed while also job hunting. He currently resides in Chile, and is embarking on a year long journey across Latin America.

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Tell us about yourself, Russ. What are you up to now in Latin America?

I am currently working at a hostel in Valparaiso and promoting and running a Pub Crawl in Vina del Mar. I work at the hostel 3 nights a week and get to stay here for free and they provide me with breakfast and lunch. I work the pub crawl two days a week and make some money through that. I’ve had a job in Santiago teaching english with the Chilean Ministry of Education and promoting a music venue in Reñaca. I’m also doing some web design on the side, WordPress websites. I have one client right now that I am in the process of doing her website, which I really need to get finished on. I would say my current dream is to be able to make enough money through my website to continue to travel while creating content for this website and sharing my dreams of travel and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

 What are some of the places your journey has taken you?

On this current journey I am traveling through the southern cone of South america. In October of 2012 I arrived in Lima and traveled through Peru for over a month. Visiting the Nazca Lines, Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, and Lake Titicaca. Then went over to Bolivia. After staying in La Paz for a week, I headed through Salar de Uyuni – the salt flats – and crossed the border into Chile. The Altiplano has incredible geography and the Atacama desert is a treacherous one! I arrived in Chile at the end of November and have spent most of my time in the central region of the country – between Santiago and Valparaiso – with some traveling to other parts of the central coast.

Thoughts about your travels?

Coming to South America has been a goal of mine for the past four years. Something about Chile has always intrigued me, I think it has been Patagonia’s pristine land that is a big allure. I’ve traveled and met more people from different countries over the past four months than I have before in my entire life.  I’ve learned that for the most part, people and places are the same. The details are different. People dress, speak, eat, dance differently, the geography is different, but there are still basic needs. Sustenance, compassion, a sense of importance and belonging. I’ll be traveling till November of this year, and then we’ll see where the journey of life takes me.

Share a brief story of your journey

In May of 2012 I quit my full-time sales/marketing job in Houston, TX to really pursue my dream of traveling through South America. I moved back home to San Antonio, TX to live with my parents while working and saving all of my money for my trip. I worked at home for 7 months and booked a one-way ticket to Lima for October 11. During my time in San Antonio, I created to share my journey with others and attempt to reach people and encourage them to pursue their own dreams whatever they may be. I recruited a recently graduated film student from California to join me on the first two months of my travel to share it through video. I have also been interviewed on two morning shows in San Antonio to share this project and a few printed publications. I’m currently living in Chile for the South American Summer of 2013 and will be traveling through Chile and Argentina until November.

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