VOROTA – Language and Business Networking

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Language Exchange and Networking

  • Meet New and Interesting People in Shanghai
  • Practice Your Language Skills and Find Speakers in Shanghai
  • Network With Others Among the Expat Community
  • International Crowd Guaranteed

How Vorota Began

In Moscow, a small thought grew when I was living fifteen stories high last summer spending many days and nights lost in thought at Moscow State University. It was a dream to link language – personal lives – business interests – and passion together.

In Kiev, a larger thought grew in mind mind, when I was getting ready to leave the ice cold capital in mid-December – what if social lives and networking could come together as a means to expand the interaction of a language school and it’s expats?

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In China, I first tried marketing an event for a startup company – ensuring a strategy that created an 80+ turnout, with business professionals, curious students, and locals.

So you’re in Shanghai and you want to meet people, find language teachers or tutors – or maybe you just want to have a drink and mingle? Language Exchange, Business networking. Vorota.

Develop Your Guanxi . . .

Weekly gatherings in some of the most popular venues in Shanghai will be offered along with prizes, drink specials, and a host of interesting people. The organizers of the Vorota Language Exchange events have experience in organizing events in the Shanghai area, and seek to bridge language exchange and business networking into one.

Bringing Cultures Closer

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  • Are you a tutor looking for more students – or a student,  looking for a tutor?
  • Looking for greater work opportunities in Shanghai?
  • Perhaps You’re an Entrepreneur?


Vorota is here to strengthen the Shanghai community amongst locals and expats- starting with common interests, language, and business networking events.

Come on out and have some fun.

Vorota Language Exchange and Business Networking

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  • Frederick Zhang 4 years ago

    Hey, I want to come to the language exchange meet on Friday.
    My name is Frederick Zhang, I saw the event on Couchsurfing. Also,can I bring friend to come? About 2 people?

    • Trevor 4 years ago

      Hey man! Bring as many friends as you wish. We’re expecting to have a great turnout this week in addition to a French Professional who’s lived in Shanghai as an Expat for the past six years!