What Can You See In Macau? Macau in a Day

Enter at Macau Ferry Terminal

Fisherman’s Wharf

Upon exiting your ferry from Hong Kong, you can swing to your left outside of the port terminal. As you continue down a straight road filled with traffic and energy, you can reach the Fisherman’s Wharf in just a few minutes. From here, you may reach the Macau Science Center.

The Fisherman’s Wharf of Macau is the first ever cultural themed attraction for the cities tourism industry. Located along the Outer Harbor, it is a blend of dining, entertainment, shopping and a convention hall. Upon entering, I ran into a Communications Innovaiton Expo with a keynote speaker in the middle of a discussion in Chinese. This area, showed me that while Macau holds a stunning, tropical feel, it is surrounded by a network of businesses, tourist attractions, malls, casinos, and all in one.

Macau Science Center

Known since it’s inception as the art of famed Chinese-American IM Pei, it shines as a stunning silver, cone-like appearance. Facing the Outer Harbor, it reflects the sun in a mesmerizing fashion. Continue down this path to the Statue of Kun Lam, and towards the Macau Tower.

Statue of Kun Lam

Kun Lam, the Macau goddess of “Mercy”, is located just along the Outer Harbor. If you’re traveling from Hong Kong, you can take the ferry for an hour ride to Macau. Standing at 20 meters, it is made of bronze. It’s dome-like shape represents the lotus flower, and here is a placard that holds info on Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

 Heading Towards Rua Central

Pass alongside MGM and take a Right down Avenida de Sagnes and go past One Mall, Wynn Resort & Casino. In this entire area, there are spectacular water shows during the evenings. As you pass through lucious ferns and tropical plants, you can journey through the outdoor gym park area, and the center monument of glass.

Head Down Avenida De Sagnes along Nam Van Lakes

Here you can find a spectacular light show each evening, or perhaps it’s colorful beauty by day. The intricate and designed water and light shows are spectacular, across from the HEadquarters of the Macau Government. The fountain was created by Europeans, and has been here since the late nineties. It host over 80 spouts and has nearly 300 colored spotlights. The tallest water jets will soar over 80 meters.

Venetian Macau Resort Hotel

Take a Gondola Ride in a Casino…

What could be more romantic and intimate than a gondola ride through the scenic routes of Venice? Nothing. Your opera singing melodies can be performed by those guiding the gondola, and you can get an on-site photographer to capture all those memories. You can get the tickets near the Emporio de Gondola inside the resort.

The Macao Tower

The tower paints an amazing opportunity for photographers and tourists alike. It provides over four views of the Pearl River Delta. During the day you’ll find an amazing view of the city and it’s Harbor, but at night it shows the best view of the city lights at night. It hosts high speed glass elevators that entices your arrival with a catered buffet a the top 360 Degree Cafe.It is over 330 meters tall, and provides a viewing distance of over 55 kilometers. Designed by a New Zealander, it is counted as one of the members of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Burning a cuban cigar atop a crucial viewpoint near Rua Central.

Lotus Square

Not far from the ferry terminal and outer harbor of the city, you can find a large sculpture of “Lotus Flower in Full Bloom” which was a gift from China in the late 90’s, marking the sovereignty of Macau. Made of gilded bronze and weighing in a over six tons, it a six meter high statue and composed of all lotus parts – stem, pistil, and petals. With all sixteen components, the base also is made of over 20 separate pieces of granite.

The flower symbolized, in a full state of bloom, the prosperity of the island. With each layer of the base, there are shapes of lotus leaves, that commemorate the peninsula of Macau, Taipa Island & Coloane Island. Journey down the street to pass by numerous casinos, and the Rua Central area along Nam Van Lakes, just below the Macao Tower.

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